Alert About Catholic Charities Scams

Two scams, detailed below, involving Catholic Charities have recently come to our attention. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any information you receive, please contact Catholic Charities at (727) 893-1313 and ask for either Lou Ricardo or Jim Wayne.

1. An individual is contacting people who are selling items or services online and mails them a counterfeit check from Catholic Charities (usually of poor quality) for more than the amount of the item and requests the excess amount be wire transferred. The check bounces and the scammer receives the wired funds.

2. A second individual is communicating that Catholic Charities is offering grants of between $20,000 and $3 million. To receive the grant, the applicant must first provide detailed personal, financial information to the scammer AND pre-pay a “fee” through MoneyPak or Amazon Gift Cards. 

To learn more about protecting yourself from scammers, visit: