Finance Report 2016-2017

Archived Yearly Financial Reports

October, 2017

My Dear Parishioners:

I would like to share our latest Stewardship Report, approved by the Finance Council. This information will also be available on our Parish website and more detailed reporting may be obtained from the Office.

This past fiscal year, our expenses exceeded our income by $97,073. This was primarily caused by a decrease in donations and money earned by fundraisers. But also, there were expenses incurred for long overdue repairs to the school.

This past year, at the school, we replaced the air conditioners, repaired the roof, and switched to energy efficient lighting. The Diocese has been extremely supportive in our efforts to repair and maintain this important asset. They assisted in offsetting some of the expenses, and allowed us to take out a loan for the repairs. In the coming years, the rent from Legacy Academy should exceed the loan payment. The goal is to be able to save a significant portion of the remaining rent into a reserve fund to allow us to make future repairs without having to borrow money again from the Diocese.

An important question is, how were we able to pay our bills when the expenses exceeded the income? The answer is the parish has been using the money in our Savings Account. At the end of last fiscal year, we had $95,737 in that account. This included what remained from a very generous bequest received in 2013. Each year we have had to use some of that savings to meet our expenses. As of today, our savings has reduced to $66,119. The intent of our Savings Account, as it is in many families, is to have funds set aside for emergency expenses and repairs, not to pay ordinary bills.

We appreciate any help in recommending any fundraising ideas to help increase our funds.

Please know that I remain appreciative of all your support to our parish home and trust in your continuing love and generosity. The one request I make each year is for everyone to prayerfully consider ways to more actively participate in our Parish ministries, events and outreach. Just like any family, we all are unique and have been blessed with many different God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure to share. Let’s all prayerfully reflect on how we are giving back to God a portion of the many gifts he gives us.

  • Do I joyfully participate and serve in Parish ministries and liturgical celebrations?
  • Do I seek to meet and know my fellow parishioners?
  • Do I enthusiastically invite others to participate in our parish celebrations and events?
  • Do I wholeheartedly volunteer at and promote our Parish Fundraisers and Events?
  • Have I signed up for Online Giving (see Website) which helps assure the parish of steady income and greatly reduces weekly costs of processing collections?
  • Can I help the parish build up reserves by contributing $3-5 more per week?

My dear brothers and sisters, I remain thankful for all of you and consider it a privilege and blessing to be your Pastor. Please know you are in my prayers always.

Respectfully yours in Christ,
Fr. Allan Tupa, Pastor