Financial Reports

October 31,2016

My Dear Parishioners:

I would like to share our latest Parish Financial Report, approved by the Finance Council, providing
comparison information for the past two fiscal years. This information will also be available on our Parish
website and more detailed reporting may be obtained from the Parish Office.

Due to the parish now recognizing the value of the school buildings as a part of our assets, our “Buildings
Total” has increased significantly. The associated expenses and liabilities for improvements will be reflected
in next year’s financials. While we were blessed this year with two unexpected gifts totaling nearly $100,000
during the year and your generosity which helped us exceed our APA commitment, we did experience a
decline in our offertory collections of nearly $20,000 from that received in FY 20 15. The expense for
Facilities/PPE for FY 20 15 reflects approximately $134,000 of cost associated with the renovation of the
Duffy Center. The increasing popularity of the Duffy Center has increased its utilization both by our own
parishioners and by the broader Tampa community. We have now become an attractive venue for business
community meetings in the area in addition to events. We are pleased that the facility is well utilized.

We continue to enjoy a very positive relationship with Legacy Preparatory Academy (LPA) as tenant in the
school. Their mission extends efforts to serve the neighboring community as well as some of our own
parish family members. Their growth has now reached capacity in the buildings for several grades with a
waiting list. Morningstar School also enjoys a very good relationship with LPA.

Please know that I remain appreciative of all your support to our parish home and trust in your continuing
love and generosity. The one request I have is that everyone prayerfully consider ways to more actively
participate in our Parish ministries, events and outreach. Just like any family, we all are unique and have
been blessed with many different God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure to share. Let’s all prayerfully
reflect on how we are giving back to God a portion of our many gifts from Him of time, talent and treasure.
Perhaps these same questions can inspire in each of us concrete ways to joyfully love and serve God and
others even better in the upcoming year:

  1. Do I joyfully participate and serve in Parish ministries and liturgical celebrations? (Check the Bulletin
    for opportunities. If you don’t currently belong to a Ministry or Group, how about making it a goal to
    join at least one?)
  2. Do I seek to meet and know my fellow parishioners? (Do we greet our fellow parishioners and
  3. Do I enthusiastically invite others to participate in our parish celebrations and events? (Let’s share!)
  4. Do I joyfully volunteer at and promote our Parish Fundraisers and Events? (Great opportunity to get
    to know one another!)
  5. Have I signed up for Online Giving (see Bulletin) which helps assure the parish of steady income
    and greatly reduces weekly costs of processing collections? (Did you know it takes approximately 4
    people 3-4 hours weekly to count and prepare the collections? Online giving collections happen
    automatically and do not require all this time and processing plus we eliminate envelope printing
    costs and save paper overall.)
  6. Can I help the parish build up reserves by contributing $3-5 more per week? (Can I give a little
    more to help compensate for those families or individuals who are struggling and who cannot afford
    $5 more per week?)

My dear brothers and sisters, I remain thankful for all of you and consider it a privilege and blessing to be
your Pastor. Please know you are in my prayers always.

Respectfully yours in Christ,