Become a Parishioner

Welcome!  We are glad you are here and that you would like to be a registered part of our parish family.

Please either register online or at the parish office.

Office Registration

To register at the office, please visit:
10110 N. Central Ave
Tampa, FL 33612


Online Registration

Please note: You can register online by using a computer or tablet, smart phones are not supported at this time.

**Also, this is a two step process.  First you must create your user ID, then it must be activated by the parish office. Then, you may log in to complete the registration.**

  • To complete our online registration click here.
  • Log back in once you receive your password to add ALL your family members living in the same household so your registration may be completed.
  • Need Help? Click here to view an online video tutorial which will guide you through the online registration process.